Friday, May 28, 2010

My Response to Dave


Thank you for your quick response; I'll call WE today!

Actually, of all the buildings on College Avenue, yours is always the one I stop to look at. It is so amazing! If your property hasn't sold or been leased by next Fall, is there any way you might be interested in hosting a pop-up gallery? It would only be for a limited amount of time (or until you sell/lease the space), and of course we would leave everything better than we found it. With any luck, the increased foot traffic would help you close a deal!

I would ask about this Summer, but the biggest challenge our team is facing is liability insurance. We have been trying to secure it through Lawrence University, but I think because it's the end of the year (graduation, reunion weekend, etc), the department must be really busy. However, I'm hoping to have it all sorted out by the Fall.

If you're interested, maybe we could meet up for coffee so I could tell you about our plans! Plus, I'd really love to hear more about the history of your building (I love the horse head on top!)

Thank you so much for your time,

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