Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Opportunities - Pt 1, Draft One

Ok, this is not fully complete, but I thought I'd share what I've written so far! I'll write the rest and add it in tomorrow morning before our meeting! :)

Our pop-up gallery would provide many opportunities for everyone in the Appleton community. First of all, it would benefit the storefront owners who are attempting to sell, lease, or rent their properties. Were they to consent to hosting a pop-up gallery in their space, their land would get more foot traffic, and therefore more potential buyers, looking at their property. Another way in which a pop-up gallery would increase the marketability of their space would be the way in which our team presents it; we would clean, dust, and even repaint the space as need be. Having a high class and professional art opening which draws crowds might cause possible buyers to realize the full potential of the space and influence them to close the sale. In addition, any property owner willing to host our gallery would be featured prominently on any advertisement or article we publish in way of thanks. With our gallery, a seller could showcase their storefront’s full potential, increase foot traffic, and, in all probability, successfully sell their land.

Yet the landowners are not the only ones benefiting; the Appleton downtown community would prosper as well. With such a remarkable art gallery which would feature both local artists from the community, as well as Lawrence University students, our gallery would draw crowds from around the Fox Cities area. This, in turn, would create business for the other stores downtown from the individuals who would like to go out to lunch or dinner after viewing the show, or those who would like to continue to explore other unique storefronts on College Avenue.

The artists showing would also be one of the main beneficiaries of such an endeavor, for they would be able to sell their work for a higher commission than if they were to display their art anywhere else in Appleton. Most stores which exhibit art take 50% or more of the final sell price of any given work. Our gallery, however, because it is specifically created to benefit the community and the individual artists, would merely act as a go between: supplying the artist’s information to viewers interested in purchasing their artwork, allowing the artist to earn what they truly deserve.

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